What do we do?

We all need to work more digital right? But how do you start with that? The last few years we have visited a lot of companies/accountants and we implemented “changemanagement” to our own companies and some clients.¬†

With those experiences we learned (the hard way, believe us) how you could make those projects into a success. And with success we mean: how it helps you boost your company and use the full potential of your employees.

And last year you also have that (fun fun fun!) GDPR thing! We even know stuff about that as well, since let’s face it, we had to have something¬† dull too right?

We made a blueprint on how you should start a project and look at digitalisation in a strategic way. Finplex helps you in every step of the way!

With all those tools and software available, it makes it hard to make the right choices for your next partnership. Next to that you want to be sure that all those assets work seamlessly together! Finplex knows most of them, so let us be your guide!

As your personal projectmanager we can do the work for you as experts, while you can focus on your business. In the end, only that generates the money right?

We make sure that your employees see this new way of working as an improvement, rather than a change and embrace it as a gift.

And finally: we make sure there is room for networking. Since one thing that we learned over the last few years is that bringing together experiences is key to sucess!

Yes we know, this is a rather boring schedule, however it's part of our blueprint AND in reality it's way more fun!